Large Scale Commercial & Corporate Events

For large scale public & private events

"Massive, Mega, Magnificent!"

"What else can we say.... And just to think that the picture above is only our 10 metre screen. Wait till you see the 12 metre"

The Touring Series are obviously not for the faint hearted, these Mammouth screens are the apitomy of taking presentation and entertainment to the highest level. Investing in one of these beauties means you mean serious business!

Be it concerts, outdoor festivals, local council or authority events, racetrack and raceway entertainment. These badboys are custom made to be the hero piece at your events.



Display Advertising at events

Your investment into a touring screens is ideal for co-ordinating sponsors and investors at large events. Make an easy return just off a couple of gigs.

Live Video Coverage & Feedback

During big events the touring screens can be used for video feedback or live presentations

Drive In/Movie Night Business opportunity

Provide cinema movie experiences as a local drive in business or poolside entertainment.

Local Council & Goverment

For local or national official events, use the power of airscreens to help deliver the message or presentation.

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